Hilary Term 2017: Against Malaria Foundation

The Chapel Charity at Evensong this term supports the 2017 Giving What We Can Oxford “Big Match” campaign. The Big Match is a matched fundraising campaign in support of the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) – rated by GiveWell as one of the world’s most effective charities – and runs for the fortnight between 23rd February and 8th March.

Michaelmas Term 2016: Water Aid

Chapel Charity collections this term are going to WaterAid. If you want to donate or find out more, please ask the Chaplain or one of her team.

Trinity Term 2016: Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week falls in 4th week this term (15th-21st May). Consequently Christian Aid will be our Chapel Charity for the term. We also mark the week itself with Coppers Round The Quad. Please bring your unused change - of any currency - and line it up around second quad grass.

Hilary Term 2016: Giving What We Can

The Chapel Charity this term is given through the Giving What We Can Trust. This international society is dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty in the developing world through the most effective giving. See www.givingwhatwecan.org - or contact evelyn.stretch@jesus.ox.ac.uk.

Trinity Term 2015: UNICEF’s appeal for Vanuatu

The Chapel Charity this term is UNICEF’s appeal for Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam.

Some students are taking the Live Below the Line challenge from Monday of 1st week for ten days. If you want to participate or give sponsorship, please contact clement.faux@jesus.ox.ac.uk.

We mark Christian Aid Week in 3rd week (10-16th May) with Coppers Round the Quad. Please bring your unused change - of any currency - and line it up around the grass in Second Quad.

Hilary Term 2015: Mary's Meals

This term’s Chapel Charity collections will go to Mary's Meals, which provides school food for almost a million of the world's poorest children.

MichaelmasTerm 2014: British Red Cross

This term’s Chapel Charity collections will go to the British Red Cross, to be divided between their appeals for the crises in Iraq, Syria, and Gaza and Israel.

Trinity Term 2014: KEEN

The Chapel Charity this term is KEEN, which provides sporting and recreational activities for children and young people with special needs in Oxfordshire, and in which some of our students are involved.

Hilary Term 2014: Freedom from Fistula

Today, an estimated two million women in Africa are suffering from obstetric fistula caused by prolonged, obstructed childbirth and lack of access to maternity care. The effect on women is devastating and often condemns them to a life of solitude and despair.

The aim of the charity Freedom From Fistula is to help these women by providing free surgeries to heal their fistulas, free maternity care to prevent fistulas and ensure safe childbirth, and training local healthcare workers. The charity is already helping thousands of women every year, and 100% of donations go directly to the projects as administration costs are met by The Gloag Foundation.

The Chapel Community is supporting this charity this term since it has been brought to our attention by the artist who provided the cover image for our Term Card. Moreover, suffering from fistula is rarely spoken of as an embarrassing condition that affects women from third world countries. In supporting this charity we have a mind for those who are unheard of, unspoken of, and avoided by many. Thus we seek to follow the teachings of Jesus who served the poor, healed the sick, freed the oppressed, and reached out to untouchables. 

Michaelmas Term 2013: Oxford Food Bank

This term's charity, the Oxford Food Bank, collects good quality fresh food from local supermarkets and wholesalers and delivers it for free to numerous local registered charities. Donations go towards petrol and insurance for the vans, and electricity for the fridges. For every £1 received in donations they deliver at least £25 worth of fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy products.