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Jesus College, Oxford

Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DW
Telephone (01865) 279700

The 18th Century

Numbers of richer undergraduates declined at Jesus during the 18th century, as other, more grandiose colleges attracted large numbers of noblemen commoners and fellow-commoners. Among the last of these at Jesus were the future Jacobite MP Sir Watkin Williams Wynn (Jesus, 1710), who gave the College a fine, Britannia silver punch-bowl when created DCL in 1732, and Thomas James Bulkeley, 7th Viscount Bulkeley (Jesus, 1769), who presented the College chapel with a copy of Guido Reni's St Michael subduing the Devil, acquired during his youthful Grand Tour to Rome. From humbler backgrounds came the polymathic Edward Lluyd (1660-1709), who carved out a career as a naturalist, Celtic scholar, and keeper of the (then) scientifically-oriented Ashmolean Museum in Oxford; the Welsh-language poet Goronwy Owen (1723-69), who, like several other 18th-century Jesus men, chose exile as a clergyman in North America, and was tragically bereaved on the voyage; and the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist leader Thomas Charles (1755-1814).