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Jesus College, Oxford

Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DW
Telephone (01865) 279700

Miss Beth Mortimer

BA Biological Sciences Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Academic Background

Beth was awarded her undergraduate degree from Oxford in Biological sciences, where she attended New College. She then gained some teaching experience with primary school children through her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Oxford Brookes University. She is currently working towards her DPhil in Zoology, working in the Oxford Silk Group.

Undergraduate Teaching

First-year tutorials for Organisms course on invertebrate and vertebrate biology; biomechanics and spider adaptation and behaviour tutorials for Final Honour Schools.

Research Interests

Beth’s thesis is looking at spider and silkworm silks. She works at the interface of physics, engineering and biology, using physical sciences techniques to help answer biological questions. Her thesis particularly looks at how different silks respond to high rate events, such as impact and sound propagation, which can be linked to spider silk evolution in the web.

Other Interests

Pet rabbits Peter and Archie. Music – singing and French horn.


Subject notes for courses taught at Jesus College:
Biological Sciences

See also the Oxford Silk Group website and the Department of Zoology website.