BA Biological Sciences, MA (Oxon), PGCE, DPhil
Access and Career Development Fellow

Academic Background

Beth obtained her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from New College, Oxford. Following this, she gained teaching experience with primary school children, receiving a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Oxford Brookes University. Her DPhil in Zoology and research as Career Development Fellow is based in the Oxford Silk Group. Beth lectured at Jesus College in Biological Sciences from 2012-2014.

Access Work

Beth’s post as Access Fellow is a newly created position, funded in part through alumni donations. The aim of the post is to reach out to a broader range of potential undergraduate Oxford applicants through an academic-led programme of activities. Beth is particularly keen to strengthen ties with schools in Jesus College’s areas of responsibility in South Wales, Lambeth and Wandsworth under Oxford University's Link Colleges scheme, as well as start collaborations with schools that have not worked with Jesus College previously. Please feel free to contact Beth ( or follow her on Twitter (@DrBethMortimer) if you are interested in engaging with any of her access work.

Undergraduate Teaching

Organisms (invertebrate and vertebrate biology); Biomechanics.

Research Interests

Beth’s research looks at spider and silkworm silks. She works at the interface of physics, engineering and biology, using physical sciences techniques to help answer biological questions. Her work as Career Development Fellow will look at how different spider webs vibrate to transmit information to the spider. She is hoping to move her research into how a range of animals use materials to transmit vibrational information.

Other Interests

Music (choir and french horn), walking, travelling. Beth has two pet rabbits, Peter and Archie.


See also the Oxford Silk Group website and Beth Mortimer's page on the Department of Zoology website.