Chaplain's Colloquium

We have just one Colloquium this term due to exam commitments. Anyone interested in the theme or any of the speakers is warmly invited. The speakers lead discussion from their varied viewpoints for 30-40 minutes in the Lecture Theatre, then there is further informal conversation in the Bastion over cheese and wine. Non-alcoholic drinks are also served. Beginning at about 8.30pm, the evenings finish at about 10pm.

Tuesday 9 May Blood and Faith 8.30pm, Ship Street Centre

Focusing on the theology, symbolism, and importance of blood to the Abrahamic faiths this might sound gory but is strikingly relevant the moment you start to think about it. Our speakers are the Jewish Chaplain to the University, Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld-Schueler, the Reverend Dr Andrew Gregory, New Testament scholar and Chaplain at University College, and Dr Shabbir Akhtar, Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford.

Scriptural Reasoning

Scriptural Reasoning is a practice of inter-faith reading where people of all faiths gather and reflect on short passages from their scriptures together. It is a worldwide movement recently started in Oxford. There is sometimes overlap between texts where different faiths share their Scriptures. We meet in the Harold Wilson Room on Mondays 1.00-2.00pm. The texts given here are listed as Jewish; Christian; Muslim but they may be read in any order. This is just a selection for prior study as required. Additional texts may be provided on the day.

Kosher food and vessels will be available for all to share.

24 April Private Prayer 1 Samuel 1:10-11; Matthew 6:5-15; Qur’an 2:186 

1 May Public Prayer Deuteronomy 31:10; Acts 2:1-21; Qur’an 3:104 

8 May Conversion and Proselytising Ruth 1:16; Matthew 28:16-20; Qu’ran 22:67 

15 May Abraham’s Hospitality Genesis 18:1-8; Hebrews 13:1-2; Scattering [Winds] 51:24-30 

22 May Encountering God (2) Genesis 3:6-13; John 20:11-18; Mary 19:16-22 

29 May Relationship with Parents Exodus 20:12 ; Mark 3:31-35; Qu’ran 31:14 

5 June Gates and Doors (1) Genesis 28:10-22; Acts 5:17-25; Sura 39:68-75 

12 June Gates and Doors (2) Exodus 12:21-32; John 10:1-10; Joseph 12:21-29

Foods and Festivals for Faiths and Cultures

Monday 24 April Isra and Mi’raj Muslim 

Wednesday 10 May Vesak/ Buddha Day Buddhist

Each term, to complement our International Dinners in Hall, we take account of a few religious or cultural festivals in our dining. Some of the food offered will be associated with these festivals or holy days. It’s a chance to learn about a range of religious and cultural festivals and celebrate our diversity. Sign-up and cost are as usual.

Interfaith Resources

Small items and books for a range of religious rites are available in the cupboard in the Nurse’s waiting room. Do borrow them for your own personal prayer and meditation whether in the Chapel or elsewhere, but please return them after use. If you have suggestions for inclusion in the collection please ask the Chaplain. The Chaplain will also be very pleased to help any student of any faith find a place to worship or connect with a faith community in Oxford.