The Chaplain has care for those of all faiths and none, and we have a blossoming series of interfaith and multifaith events. 

Amongst these we have a weekly Scriptural Reasoning during term, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims come together to study their sacred texts. If you are interested do join the Facebook group here

We also have a weekly Mindfulness series where a range of different traditions lead times of meditation, mindfulness, or contemplation. These are detailed each term in the term card.

Different faith or cultural festivals are sometimes celebrated in Hall. These events range from very simple table decorations or one item on the menu in the servery, to a full evening's activities. Diversity and interfaith student reps help plan these. It's a great way of learning something about different religions and faiths not only in our own community, but also in today's world. Again, more details can be found each term in our term card.

Other speaker or panel events are organised from time to time. If College members have a particular interest and would like to hear a specific speaker or panel on some issue that might pertain to faith and spirituality, do get in touch with the Chaplain and suggest it.