Jesus College is connecting with local schools through music outreach, in partnership with the County Music Service and the Dr Martin Clarke Young Organ Scholar Trust.

Alumni, through the Development Fund, have gifted some donations which will enable us to give three years of funding to two young musicians at local state schools who will particularly benefit from extra music tuition and opportunities across Oxfordshire through the County Music service and other music providers, and using Jesus College Chapel as a performance space and a community of other enthusiastic young musicians.

Olivia Nyagua (St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Headington, year 3) - Solo Award

"My name is Olivia. I'm 8 yrs old. I love singing and reading. I sing in a girls' choir called Frideswide Voices.  I also sing in my school choir. I'm currently learning to play the brass and the cello, both which I enjoy very much." 

Elsa Rea (St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Headington, year 4) - Ensemble Award

The first rehearsal of a quarter formed from St Joseph's players took place on Sunday afternoon in December. This was one of the ideas which came about as a result of Elsa's new relationship with Jesus College. There was a very nice rendition of 'Thine Be The Glory', and everyone had fun (and cake afterwards)!

Elsa is here pictured playing first violin, and the cellist is the daughter of one of our Fellows at Jesus College, Dominic Wilkinson, making it a lovely close-knit Jesus group.

Barnaby Merriman (Larkmead School, Abingdon, year 8) - Young Organ Scholar (sponsored by Dr Martin Clark Young Organ Scholar Trust)

When I was younger, I went to brass band contests and concerts with my dad and his band. I would help set up music stands and watch from the side. Then at the age of seven I started learning the piano and continued to help with the band, and soon afterwards started drum lessons. Around the time I started secondary school at Larkmead in Abingdon, I began to play in the brass band on tuned percussion. This was firstly just in contests, but soon progressing onto playing in all the concerts too. I also play guitar and have been in many bands as either a bassist, drummer or rhythm guitarist.

I play in the school orchestra and sing in the choir; my school music teacher asked if I had ever thought about learning the organ, suggesting I apply for the YOST scholarship. I started learning the organ in October 2017 and have been playing ever since. I really enjoy playing the organ; it is an amazing instrument and very different to anything I’ve ever played before.

I’m planning to take GCSE Music and would like to study chemistry or physics at University.

On Friday of 3rd week in Trinity Term (11 May) in out lunchtime recital slot we were happy to have our Young Music Scholars. The lovely photos had been taken by Mrs Rocci Wilkinson.