Detail of T. E. Lawrence's comments on his own thesis

Here are online catalogues of some of the privately deposited records held at Jesus College. Because putting these items online is a gradual process, they cover only a small portion of our complete holdings.

In particular, some of the more significant collections of personal papers which have not yet been put online include:

  • Papers of the Victorian historian J. R. Green (1837-83)
  • Papers of Francis Mansell (Principal 1620-1, 1630-48 and 1660-1)
  • Papers of Sir Leoline Jenkins (Principal 1661-73)
  • Papers of Thomas Pardo (Principal 1727-63)

Papers of Former Principals:

Papers of former Fellows:

Papers from or about Old Members or other people connected with the College (arranged alphabetically):

    Papers from unknown sources (arranged chronologically):

    Papers from people or institutions unrelated to Jesus College (arranged chronologically):

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