Historic books in the Celtic Library

The Celtic Library is closed during lockdown.

The Celtic Library is a research collection in the Celtic languages (namely Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Breton, Cornish, and Manx), reflecting Jesus College's historic links with Wales and the Welsh language. The collection also supports the study of Celtic history, archaeology, and culture. Readers with an interest in Celtic may make an appointment for access by emailing the College Librarian, librarian@jesus.ox.ac.uk

The Celtic Library occupies a separate room within the modern languages section of the Meyricke Library (the main library for students at Jesus College). Please borrow and return your books at the self-service machine on the ground floor. Readers from other colleges may borrow only from the Celtic Library, not from the general Meyricke Library collections; readers from outside the University have reference access only.

Note that the Celtic Library is reached by two flights of thirteen steps: we can offer alternative arrangements for consulting books on request.

Books in the Celtic Library appear in SOLO, the library catalogue covering the majority of the library collections of the University of Oxford. The library preserves books from the collections of Celtic scholars including Charles Plummer, D. Ellis Evans, and Robert Leith Thomson.