The Tri-Innovate 2018 competition offers the opportunity for innovators to showcase their ideas, access invaluable feedback and possibly win a cash prize of up to £8,000.

There were 29 ideas entered for the competition.  Judges from Hertford, Jesus, Pembroke and Wolfson Colleges selected 6 ideas that will be presented at the Pitch Event on Tuesday, 24th April, 5.30pm at the Oxford Foundry.  Excitingly, two of the finalists represent Jesus College.

The finalists are:

Greater Change led by Alex McCallion (Jesus)

(Stem)Cellfie led by Di Hu (Jesus)

Boresha Technologies led by Louis Slade (Wolfson)

RADiscovery led by Muhammad Kasim (Wolfson)

Undried Ink led by James Caplan (Hertford)

Veratrak led by Jason Lacombe (Hertford)


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