Thank you for visiting the undergraduate admissions page. We will update this page with information about 2020 admissions in due course.

More information about the admissions process, key deadlines and the College itself can be found here.

If you have any queries about how to submit your application, please feel free to contact the Admissions Officer.

  • Annual admissions statistical report 2020

Oxford University has publish its third Annual Admissions Statistical Report. This report gives information on the students who have applied to our undergraduate courses, received offers and been admitted, over the last five years. The statistics are broken down by domicile, nation and region of the UK, disadvantage, school type, gender, ethnicity and disability, and they are presented at University level and by course and college.

Find out more about Jesus College's admissions data and all the work we're doing to improve diversity here 

  • July Open Day 2020 - UPDATE

Due to the continued developments with coronavirus (Covid-19) the University July Open Day 2020 will be a virtual event! You can find further details on our dedicated Open Day page here.

We hope the September Open Day will take place in Oxford but this may not be possible if social distancing is still in place. We would encourage anyone thinking of applying to Oxford in October to sign up for the latest news on developments in undergraduate admissions and outreach. These regular newsletters for prospective applicants offer important updates, insights into student life and detailed advice and guidance on the steps to making a strong application.