The Governing Body of Jesus College:


  1. Restates that its Strategic Plan commits the College to ensuring that “we offer competitive and realistic remuneration packages” to enable it to continue to attract the highest calibre of academic and academic-related staff;
  2. Recognises the vital role played by the package of benefits currently provided by the USS pension scheme, including the Defined Benefit component of those benefits, in helping it offer such a remuneration package;
  3. Notes that reductions in USS pension benefits that have been implemented over the past several years have already made it increasingly difficult for USS members to fund their retirement in the face of increasing longevity, and any further cuts will only make the situation worse;   
  4. Therefore urges its Officers, and the Officers and Council of the University
    1. to make every effort to explore all possible ways of achieving the continuation of the current level of benefits;
    2. or if such a level proves impossible, then to ensure that any proposed amendments to the scheme provide benefits that are as close as possible in scale and form to those currently provided such that USS members have confidence that they will achieve an adequate income in retirement.