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The Choir

The Choir is an important part of college tradition, and it would be lovely to see you adding to it during your time at Jesus.

Whilst membership of the chapel choir is open to anyone who is prepared to commit to the group, regardless of their previous singing experience, the college has agreed to funding for eight auditioned singers (two each of soprano, alto, tenor and bass) who form the backbone of the chapel choir.

As section leaders, they attend all rehearsals and services, helping to mentor and support the less–experienced members of the group. In return, members of the Consort will receive a payment of £250 per year, plus up to five singing lessons each term, free Sunday formals and the opportunity to perform as a distinct group from time to time.

This year we have soprano, tenor and bass vacancies in the Consort. If you’d like to audition, please contact peter.parshall@jesus.ox.ac.uk

College choir

The Jesus College Choir, 2019

The Choir is open to all members of the College, both postgraduate and undergraduate, as well as singers from other colleges. Our Organ Scholar in Residence is Ollie Edwardes. The choir’s main focus is the Sunday Evening service, which takes the form of Evensong. A religious service, it provides us with an opportunity to sing a large range of music, and time to socialise with those in other years.

There are also special services throughout the year. In Michaelmas Term we sing at a candlelit service of Lessons and Carols for Advent which is always packed to the rafters. Hilary Term is very busy and includes the St David’s Day service sung in Welsh, and the Turl Street Arts Festival Evensong when we join forces with the choirs of Exeter and Lincoln Colleges. Finally, in Trinity Term, there is the Service for the Commemoration of Benefactors and, for the early risers, the annual tradition of singing madrigals early on May Day morning, with strawberries and champagne!

Other than the joy of singing, there are many rewards for singing in the Choir! Tea and cakes are served before the service on Sundays and, afterwards, there is sherry and Formal Hall, free of charge. The College also provides free singing tuition for all members of the Choir, currently with David Crown.

A further highlight of the calendar is the annual Choir tour. Held during the summer vacation, it gives us a chance to sing outside of the College and really become a strong choir unit. If you’re interested in joining the Choir, please contact the Chapel Music Co-Ordinator, Mr Peter Parshall

The College Chapel Choir rehearses 6.30 pm-8.00 pm on Thursday evenings and 4.00 pm-5.15 pm on Sundays before Evensong. We often have masterclasses with eminent church musicians as well as regular singing lessons offered to all members of the choir.

The Jesus College Chapel Choir CD is now available and is available for purchase from the Lodge.