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Dr Aneurin Ellis-Evans

Roles and subjects

Lecturer in Ancient History



Academic Background

BA MPhil DPhil (Oxford)

My undergraduate degree was in Ancient and Modern History at Balliol College, Oxford. Afterwards, I stayed on at Balliol to do the MPhil in Ancient History before moving to New College to do my DPhil. After finishing my doctorate, I was a Junior Research Fellow at The Queen’s College for three years and afterwards a Stipendiary Lecturer first at Worcester College and then at Brasenose and St. Anne’s Colleges before taking up this post.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach most of the Greek and Roman history papers we offer at Oxford. Within that broad range, I particularly enjoy teaching our papers on the Hellenistic world and on sexuality and gender in antiquity.

Research Interests

My first book, The Kingdom of Priam: Lesbos and the Troad between Anatolia and the Aegean (OUP, 2019), is a regional history of the island of Lesbos and the region of Turkey opposite it known as the Troad in antiquity. In the book I explore the political, cultural, social, and economic factors which did (and didn’t) promote regional integration throughout this region from the 7th c. BC – 1st c. AD. I still find this region and its history fascinating, and I continue to explore how it works through looking at the evidence of the coinage which cities in this area minted from the 6th – 1st c. BC. My next big project which I have now begun work on is a social and cultural history of literary production in the Greek city-states during the Hellenistic period.

Selected Publications


  1. The Kingdom of Priam: Lesbos and the Troad between Anatolia and the Aegean (OUP 2019).


  1. ‘The late Hellenistic tetradrachms of Parion and Lampsakos’ American Journal of Numismatics 32 (2020).
  2. ‘Memnon and Mentor of Rhodes in the Troad’ Numismatic Chronicle 178 (2018) 31-67.
  3. ‘The history and coinage of Achaiion in the Troad’ Revue des Études Anciennes 119 (2017) 25-47.
  4. ‘The koinon of Athena Ilias and its coinage’ American Journal of Numismatics 28 (2016) 105-58.
  5. ‘Mytilene, Lampsakos, Chios and the financing of the Spartan fleet’ Numismatic Chronicle 76 (2016) 1-19.
  6. ‘The Tyrants Dossier from Eresos’ Chiron 42 (2012) 181-210.
  7. ‘The ideology of public subscriptions’ in P. Martzavou and N. Papazarkadas (eds.), Epigraphical Approaches to the Post–Classical Polis: 4th Century BC to 2nd Century AD (Oxford 2012) 107-21.


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