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Dr Cian Wade

Roles and subjects

Lecturer in Medicine



Academic Background

I studied medicine at Pembroke and then Green Templeton colleges here at Oxford University between 2012 and 2018. I achieved First Class Honours in my BA in Medical Sciences in 2015, having focused my studies upon Neuroscience. During that year, I achieved my first publication as co-author in a study of the role of particular neural signals in motor decision making published in the Journal of Neuroscience. I have since published on a wide variety of topics more directly related to clinical practice, including organ transplantation, wound infections and melanoma. I was awarded several scholarships and prizes during my undergraduate years, including Pembroke College’s Bannister medical scholarship. I have previously tutored Pembroke college 1st BM students in various topics in The Nervous System part of their course. I graduated from the clinical school in 2018 and was appointed as an academic foundation trainee in the Oxford Deanery from August 2018.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach the Jesus clinical medical students in a variety of topics relevant to the clinical course between Years 4 and 6.

Research Interests

As an academic trainee, I have protected time that I dedicate towards academic work. I am currently working on developing new, evidence-based clinical guidelines for neonatal analgesic practice in lower-middle income countries. I am also looking at data from cohorts of patients diagnosed with gram negative sepsis in order to identify potential clinical interventions that will reduce the incidence of this condition. I have a wide range of interests and this is reflected in my diverse research portfolio.”

Other interests

Whilst I was a student at Oxford, I achieved three Blues in football, including captaining the team for most of the 2016-17 season. Happily, I won all those Varsity matches! I also enjoyed participating in college plays and the medical school pantomime (to supplement my occasional cameo appearances in BBC’s Casualty as a child!). I am also the founder of a charity based back in my native Cardiff, which fundraises for certain local health services. A final fun fact is that I was educated entirely through the Welsh language!


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