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Dr Kristian Strommen

Roles and subjects

Junior Research Fellow in Climate Science



Academic Background

MMath at Hertford College, Oxford, 2007-2011 (1st Class)

DPhil in Mathematics at Keble College, Oxford, 2011-2015

Stipendiary Lectureship at Pembroke College, 2014-2016

Posdoctoral Research Assistant in the H2020 Project “PRIMAVERA”, Oxford, 2016-2019.

Undergraduate Teaching

Pure mathematics (linear algebra, abstract algebra, analysis, number theory, set theory, logic and model theory).

Research Interests

My main work is on developing well calibrated stochastic schemes for representing uncertain processes in climate models. Stochastic schemes have already proven themselves in the context of short-term weather forecasting, but their potential for improving long-term climate projections is still a very new area of research. My focus is on the impact such schemes have on model variability, mean state and equilibrium climate sensitivity (i.e. global warming), with the goal of producing a `stochastic climate model’ which better represents the climate system. Somewhat paradoxically, the deliberate introduction of uncertainties in the small-scale processes of a model can thereby reduce uncertainties in the large-scale aspects that we are most interested in, such as projections of global warming.

I am also working on understanding issues around seasonal predictability, particularly for European winters. In particular the questions of identifying sources of skill for predicting the winter North Atlantic Oscillation, as well as understanding the nature of this skill. I am actively working on understanding how regime behaviour in Euro-Atlantic weather influences predictability on longer time-scales.

My DPhil thesis, “Galois Groups and Anabelian Reconstruction” straddled number theory, field theory and logic. This background in pure maths has prompted an attempt to use more sophisticated mathematical tools to help understand climate data. One example of this is using persistent homology to analyse topological features of the climate attractor and relating these to regime structure.

Other Interests

I am a fully trained yoga teacher (200hr RYT) and currently teach a weekly class at YogaVenue. I can sometimes also be spotted DJing at Truck Store on Cowley Road. Having grown up in Norway, I also enjoy hiking in wilderness.


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