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Miss Ellen Luckins

Roles and subjects

Retained Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Academic background


I studied for my undergraduate MMath at Exeter College Oxford, and am now completing my DPhil through the InFoMM CDT.

Undergraduate Teaching

I have taught Part A Differential Equations 1, Differential Equations 2, and Integral Transforms at Jesus college. In Michaelmas 2021 I will also be teaching Prelims Geometry.

Research Interests

My DPhil research project is in collaboration with Elkem, a metallurgy company that produces silicon from quartz rock and carbon using a submerged arc furnace. The energy for the silicon-producing chemical reactions is provided by passing an electric current through the raw materials. My research focuses on the coupled electrical, thermal and chemical processes in the furnace. In particular, I am developing and solving models describing the interactions between these phenomena. I am also interested in the more detailed magnetohydrodynamics of the electric arc which forms in these furnaces.

More generally, I am interested in mathematical modelling of physical problems, including

  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Multiphase flow
  • Chemical reaction models
  • Filtration and decontamination
  • Asymptotic analysis

See also the Mathematical Institute’s website.