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Miss Heather McTaggart

Roles and subjects

Junior Dean



Academic Background

BA Hons, MPhil

I completed a BA with Honours at the University of Toronto in History and Renaissance Studies, before completing my MPhil at the University of Oxford in British and European History 1500-present. I am now working towards a DPhil in History, specialising in Anglo-Spanish diplomatic relations in the sixteenth-century.

Research Interests

Early modern European and British diplomatic history, Iberian politics, and sixteenth-century international relations.

Hobbies and interests

My hobbies include rowing and baking.

Role of the Junior Dean

As Junior Dean, Heather holds dual responsibility for students’ non-academic discipline and welfare, and also serves on a number of College committees. She acts as a liaison between the student body and the administration, and encourages students to contact her with any and all of their concerns – she is happy to provide assistance or refer to other College officers who are better able to help.

Junior Dean (2-79683, 07590 807399)
Heather is contactable in the evening and at night on matters concerning inconsiderate behaviour, illness or personal problems.