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Mr Alexander Georgiou

Roles and subjects

Stipendiary Lecturer in Law



Academic Background


I read for the BA in Jurisprudence (2014-2017) at Brasenose College, Oxford, for which I received the Martin Wronker Prize for the best performance in FHS. I returned to Brasenose to read for the Bachelor of Civil Law (2018-2019) as a Temple Chambers Scholar, ultimately receiving a distinction.

I was then appointed a Lecturer in Law (2019) at Brasenose, before taking up a Prize Fellowship at All Souls College.

Undergraduate Teaching

Contract; Tort

Graduate Teaching

Commercial remedies; Unjust enrichment

Research Interests

Contract; Tort; Trusts; Remedies; Unjust enrichment; Jurisprudence; Moral and political philosophy; Linguistics.



  1. ‘Mistaken payments, quasi-contracts, and the “justice” of unjust enrichment’ (2022) 42 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 606.
  2. ‘Taking trusts seriously’ (2021) 137 Law Quarterly Review 305.

Case Notes

  1. ‘Between rocks and hard places: limitation, privilege, and mistakes of law’ (2022) Law Quarterly Review, forthcoming (with Emma Rawkins)
  2. ‘Knowing receipt: continuing trusts and conscionability’ (2022) Modern Law Review, forthcoming.
  3. ‘Interest and enrichment, again’ (2022) 138 Law Quarterly Review 186 (with Emma Rawkins).
  4. ‘What’s “unjust” about unjust enrichment: an answer at last?’ (2021) Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 63.
  5. ‘In defence of Sempra’ (2019) Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 38.
  6. Marr v Collie: The ballooning of the common intention constructive trust’ (2019) 82 Modern Law Review 145.


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