Documents mainly pertaining to students

Document Format Fee for
Undergraduate Handbook On req N/A
Graduate Handbook On req N.A
Undergraduate admissions procedures Online N/A
Graduate admissions procedures Online N/A
Code of Practice on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Online N/A
Conference of Colleges Appeal Tribunal Online N/A
Access guide for students with disabilities Online N/A
Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality in Student Health, Welfare, and Finance Online N/A
Jesus College Policy and Procedure on Harassment Online N/A
Safeguarding policy Online N/A
Code of Practice for the protection of Freedom of Speech Online N/A

Documents mainly pertaining to employees

Document Format Fee for
Employee Health and Safety Policy Online or printed Yes

Documents and policies pertaining to information and information technology

Document Format Fee for
Rules governing computer use: see Oxford University IT policies and guidelines Online N/A
Jesus College IT Acceptable Use Policy On request N/A