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Jesus College is located on Turl Street, in the heart of Oxford city centre and just a few minutes walk from the main University libraries, the main science and humanities campuses, and shops, cinemas, theatres and restaurants.

Our full address is: Jesus College, Turl Street, Oxford, OX13DW

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While there is no onsite parking at Jesus, the College is a 10 minute walk from Oxford train station, and there are nearby bus stops on the High Street and Magdalen Street, just a few hundred metres away. On Broad Street, you can catch the University buses to annex sites such as Begbroke Science Park.

If you are arriving by bicycle, there are many public cycle racks in adjacent streets, in particular Brasenose Lane, Broad Street, Cornmarket, and Ship Street. Please ensure you bring a secure lock as bike thieves operate across the city.


There are a number of designated disabled public parking spaces in Broad Street, about 150 metres from the College’s principal entrance, and in Ship Street, accessible by badge holders. There is a disabled parking space for guests who are blue badge holders in our Third Quad, accessible via Ship Street. Should you require a parking space, please contact the Lodge or the person you are here to meet.

Please note that Ship Street is within the Oxford Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) and you may require a permit to park on the street, or enter the College’s parking area. Click here to find out more.

Further information on accessing the main College site can be found in the tabs below. You can also view our full Access Guide here. Further information can be viewed on the University’s Access Guide page here.

The main entrance is from Turl Street and is +1 stair through a wicket gate width 700 mm (however, the larger main gate can be opened on request).

There are two other entrances. The Market Street entrance provides flat wheelchair/pedestrian access to Second and Third Quads through two doors 900 mm. These can be opened by arrangement to allow level access to the second and third quads for pedestrians and wheelchair users. The second entrance is off Ship Street, and is through a narrow wicket gate, accessible via a gate fob, within a very heavy door that is kept locked. This can be unlocked on request to the Lodge.  An intercom is available at the door.

There is no general parking on site but, for a resident or visitor who requires it due to mobility impairment, it may be possible to park inside the Ship Street entrance.  A key fob is required to open both the gate to the parking space, and the doors leading into the Quads.

The Lodge is to the left of the main entrance, and has a counter of height 112 mm. The staff can be summoned by a bell situated to the left of the main Turl Street gate at a height of 140 mm.

The Hall archway separates the two main Quads, and is +4 stairs from each of them. A lift is available on either side of the Hall archway. The Hall has double doors and moveable benches (see under Catering below).

The Junior Common Room is in the terrace above Third Quad, which is itself accessible from Second Quad and the Market Street and Ship Street entrances. The terrace is +18 stairs in three flights from Third Quad; each flight is fitted with wheelchair lifts. The Junior Common Room has an accessible toilet.

The Meyricke Library, which is available only to full members of the College, is found off Third Quad through double doors, which are kept open. It is spread across three floors that are at ground level, and +13, +13 stairs respectively. Each room is accessed through a door 800 mm, which is always locked, with access by use of a fob or card. For students with mobility impairment, assisted access to books can be provided by the College Librarian.

Laundry facilities are also found off Third Quad, through a door 900 mm and +1, -15 stairs, which are narrow and winding (with a handrail on the left). For students and visitors with mobility impairment, alternative arrangements can be made.

The College Bar is -15 stairs from inside the Ship Street entrance and has a door 800 mm; it can be crowded in term time and for Old Members’ functions (see * below).

There are wheelchair accessible toilets in the Front Quad (Staircase V), the Second Quad (Staircase XI), the Cheng Buildingand in the Junior Common Room on the Third Quad terrace.

The pigeonholes for student mail and messages are next to the Lodge at heights of between 140 and 650 mm.

The new Sports Pavilion at Herbert Close incorporates a lift for disabled access.  Please advise in advance if this is required.

The Harper Room, one of the College’s main function rooms, has flat access from the Third Quad through Staircase XIV.

The Habakkuk Room, which is on the Third Quad terrace, is accessible by the same wheelchair lifts as serve the Junior Common Room. Full access is limited due to the +15, +11 spiralling stairs from the terrace.

The Mansell Room is +15, +3 stairs (spiralling) from Front Quad (see * below).

The Harold Wilson Room has slightly ramped access via Staircase 8, and the Memorial Room has flat access via the Third Quad. These two rooms can be used in tandem, in which case ramped access is available.

There are two Seminar Rooms on the Third Quad terrace, accessible by the same wheelchair lifts as serve the Junior Common Room. There are then a further two steps into the rooms (see * below).

* The College has an electric stair-climber which can transport wheelchairs and users in combination up and down the stairs to the Hall, Seminar Rooms and Bar, as well as to some of the residential staircases. However, as the stair-climber can be operated only by trained staff, advance notice is required should it be needed.

The Cheng Kar Shun Digital Hub is located on Market Street, and has a street-level entrance, and lifts to all floors. Disabled toilets are available on the ground floor. Some assistance may be required to open doors within the building, and our staff will be happy to help you.

On Staircase XIX, two bedrooms, each with an ensuite facility, have been equipped for the hearing impaired and/or visually impaired.

A fully accessible bed sitting room, with an en suite shower and toilet, has been developed on Staircase VIII; this is fully accessible from the Market Street entrance.

There are a further three double sets (two single bedrooms sharing a joint sitting room) and a single set (adjoining study and bedroom) on the ground floor in the Second Quad. These share two bathrooms that have not been modified for wheelchair access.

Meals are provided in the original Dining Hall of the College.

Breakfast, lunch and the first sitting of dinner (when available) operate on an informal, self-service system, while the more formal atmosphere of a served meal, preferred by some, is retained for the second sitting of dinner and for guest-nights and special occasions. Where necessary, assistance can be given in using the self-service facilities.

We are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements. Please advise of any requirements in advance by contacting the Conference Team.

Induction loops are fitted in the Hall, Chapel, Digital Hub and Memorial Room.

We welcome guests with guide dogs. A space has been allocated in our Third Quad should they require a bathroom break, and water can be provided on request.