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Welcome to the Jesus College Virtual Tours, which feature some of the most interesting parts of the College: the stunning Elizabethan Hall, our Chapel, the Fellows’ Library and the Peter North Room.

Click on the space you would like to explore and then navigate using the arrows.


The Hall

Our beautiful Elizabethan Dining Hall was constructed in 1616-19. Its oak roof structure was originally exposed, with stunning Jacobean hammerbeams and turned side posts, pendants, collars and curved braces; much of it survives under the current plaster ceiling. The oak screen, complete with carved Welsh dragons, was installed in 1634. The walls are lined with portraits of generous benefactors, illustrious alumni and past Fellows and heads of house.

The Chapel

The Chapel was consecrated in 1621 and extended in 1636 under Principal Griffith Powell. Find out more about the history of the Chapel here.

The Fellow’s Library

The Fellows’ Library is a glorious, galleried room, built in 1676-77 as a freestanding block by the then Principal John Lloyd, and later incorporated into the College’s second quad. It contains bookcases that are decorated with strapwork dating from around 1628, which were taken from a library elsewhere in the College. The Library contains around 11,000 antiquarian printed volumes acquired by the College since the beginning of the 17th century. Read more about the Library’s history here.

The Peter North Room

The Peter North Room is named after Sir Peter North, Principal of Jesus College from 1984 – 2005 and a distinguished international lawyer. Sir Peter was also Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1993-97.