Much of this probably also belonged to the College from 1571, with an original back gate on to Ship Street in much the same position as the present one. In the early eighteenth century a range of College stables was built along the Ship Street side of the quadrangle, and the back gate moved eastwards to face the opening between the Second and Third Quadrangles. After a fire in 1904, the stables and classical back gateway of c.1790 were demolished. Two new staircases (XV and XVI), including a massive gate-tower, and a block of purpose-built chemistry laboratories (XVII), replaced them in 1906-07, the whole range being built in neo-Jacobean style and faced in warm-coloured Doulting stone. Decomissioned in 1947, the laboratories have since been converted to house the undergraduate Meyricke Library, the archives, two floors of student rooms, and the basement bar. Computing rooms occupy basement quarters below Staircase XV. To the west, in 1908-09, the College added a row of Ship Street shops with flats (now College rooms) above them.

The modern Old Members' Building (XVIII), faced with Clipsham limestone above a concrete supporting framework and containing student accommodation and a music room with innovative bay windows, was added in 1970-71, and extended at the rear with a large conference room, the Habakkuk Room, in 1989.