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Hello, welcome to Access and Outreach at Jesus College! Our aim for this section of the website is to introduce the various outreach initiatives we offer to State schools and colleges and under-represented groups within our link regions. There's also some helpful guidance and links to resources that may be of interest... enjoy!

At Jesus we firmly believe a diverse community is a stronger community, which is why we seek to attract and select the very best applicants based on their academic potential NOT their socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion, school-type or other non-academic related characteristic. You can read more about the College's work on equality and diversity here.

Oxford’s world-class education should be available for all with the academic ability and potential to benefit from it. However, we recognise that there is much work to be done to make this a reality for all prospective students in the UK. This is why we offer and support an extensive range of school visits, outreach programmes and activities for prospective students from non-selective State schools and under-represented groups.

Please navigate your way through the menus to find out about our team and see what we can offer to visiting schools and prospective applicants. There's plenty of useful info and guidance for you to explore.

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Take a look…watch this short film of an access visit to Jesus College with the fantastic Deighton Primary School. And don’t forget to follow or add us on Twitter, Instagram, The Student Room and YouTube!


If you are Jesus College alumni and would like to find out how you can support our access and outreach programmes, do visit the College's 450 website! There are many ways you can support us: donations, resources, time, opportunities. You can also contact the Access Fellow if you'd like to discuss further.