A school visit to Jesus College

In order to make it easier for you to establish a first point of contact with the University, every Oxford college is linked to a particular region of the UK. This allows us to get to know schools and colleges in specific regions better, and also gives you a more direct way of staying in touch with us.

We prioritise our access activities for non-selective State schools in the areas listed below. Prospective applicants, independent schools and schools from other regions are of course welcome to contact us to arrange a College tour. If you are a prospective mature applicant do get in touch as we'd love to help and advise you!

Our Link Regions

We are partnered with the fantastic London areas of Lambeth and Wandsworth...

Lambeth BridgeWandsworth




... and in  April 2020, Jesus College was given responsibility by the University of Oxford for delivering school access programmes across all regions of Wales. This is an exciting development and extension to the support we have previously offered to regions in South Wales.

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Wales school visit





Link colleges are intended as an initial point of contact. If you have existing contact with a college or department you are welcome to stay in touch with them.

Hub Schools and Teacher Champions

In order to build the longer-term, community-focused support we can offer to students and prospective applicants, we have teamed up with schools in our regions to operate a ‘hub school’ system. Hub schools act as a central point from which we can deliver academic sessions and guidance workshops to pupils from a variety of schools. We have so far established hubs within three areas:

Blaenau Gwent, South Wales - in September 2018, in collaboration with Nick Smith MP for Blaenau Gwent, we established Jesus College’s first Hub school. Coleg Gwent is in one of Europe’s poorest regions. Our Access Fellow regularly visits the Hub, working with students to encourage and equip more of them to make competitive applications to Oxford. 

Newport, South Wales – June 2019 saw us launch our hub of Newport schools and sixth form colleges. This is a coordinated approach with the local authority and with the support of the local Seren hub (EAS Consortium).

Camberwell, Lambeth – in late 2019 we teamed up with St Gabriel’s College to create our first London hub. The aim is to expand engagement with Lambeth schools, where we will focus on raising student aspirations, widening access to Oxford and helping students develop the skills required for post-16 education choices and progression.

Our long-term goal – dependent on funding and human resource – is to create further collaborations elsewhere in our regions. In addition, during 2020/2021 we plan to start a ‘Teacher Champion’ scheme, details of which will follow soon.

Teacher Champions

One of our aims for the 2020-2021 year is to launch a Teacher Champions scheme. The scheme will seek to engage and work with state school teachers within our regions on a sustained and regular basis. We want to support and equip teachers to help their students make competitive applications to Oxford. Details of the scheme will follow in due course.

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