Our Access team is passionate about raising aspirations and dedicated to improving access to Higher Education for all. We want to break down real and perceived barriers to HE so that all students with the ability and potential to succeed have the confidence, knowledge and skills to apply to institutes like the University of Oxford.  

Here’s a little bit about our small (but very enthusiastic!) team:

A LumbersDr Alexandra Lumbers, Academic Director 

Alexandra read History as an undergraduate at the University of Southampton, followed by an MA in Historical Studies. She then undertook a DPhil in early-modern British History at Brasenose College, University of Oxford. Alexandra joined Jesus College in May 2009 to take up the full-time position of Academic Director, which incorporates the roles of Senior Tutor, Tutor for Admissions (both undergraduate and postgraduate), and Tutor for Graduates. The Academic Director has overall responsibility for the academic administration of the College, and oversees the Academic Office team including Access and Outreach and associated programmes.

Email: academic.director@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Access and Career Development Fellow Dr Matthew Williams, Access and Career Development Fellow 

Matthew took his undergraduate degree in politics at Bristol University and then came to Oxford in 2006 for his Masters and DPhil. Matthew’s role as Access Fellow is the strategic development and delivery of programmes to a broader range of potential undergraduate Oxford applicants through an academic-led programme of activities. Matthew is particularly keen to strengthen ties with schools in Jesus College’s areas of responsibility in South Wales, Lambeth and Wandsworth, as well as start collaborations with our link area schools that have not worked with Jesus College previously.

Email: matthew.williams@jesus.ox.ac.uk

Access & Admissions AssistantMs Shelley Knowles, Access and Admissions Assistant 

Shelley graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 with a BA in Education with Psychology: her main interests being equity in education and the experiences of under-represented groups in higher education. She joined Jesus College in 2018 to support access and outreach initiatives. Shelley has several years of experience working in primary schools and with mature students; hence, she is particularly keen to develop sustainable outreach programmes for these groups.

Email: shelley.knowles@jesus.ox.ac.uk


You will find lots of useful information and access resources within the Access and Outreach area of the Jesus College website, but do get in touch with Matthew or Shelley if you have any questions.
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