Tim Bell

Tim Bell

Course: MMath Mathematics - Second Year (undergraduate four-year course)
From: Milton Keynes - Denbigh School
Living in: Woodstock Road (College flats)

Morning: 8 am, dragging myself out of bed I groggily head down to breakfast hoping that food will be able to wake me up before my 9 o’clock lecture. Making the daily cycle to the Maths Institute I weave in and out of tourists and cars, arriving, once again, just in time for them to start. The warmth of the lecture hall and the lack of sleep the night before might entice me to curl up in my seat and nap. But no, greater things call: Maths. Having successfully kept my eyes open for two hours, hopefully absorbing some of what I’ve written down, I head back into College to grab some lunch and play some pool, putting off work for as long as possible.

Afternoon: Afternoons can be quite varied, depending on what work is due and how little has been completed earlier in the week. Tutorials and classes usually dominate an afternoon; in groups of two or six respectively, College tutors take us through the merits, and pitfalls, in our problem sheets. Having completed as much work as possible for one afternoon, food is usually the next port of call, and I head back into Hall to grab something to eat. On Thursday afternoons I usually have time to head down to Barts (third year accommodation) to play a game of rugby for College before rushing back, still covered in mud, for a tutorial.

Evening: Hopefully by now I will have completed my work, but depending on when my deadlines are, or how unproductive I’ve been earlier in the day, a short stint in the library may be necessary to complete my work to hand in. After this I’m free, which usually means heading out for drinks at one of Oxford’s finest nightclubs. This seems to make me feel a lot less stressed, though this obviously has nothing to do with the number of drinks consumed.

Contact hours:
Lectures Monday to Friday 9-11
Tutorials or Classes 2-4 each week approx. 1-2 hours
Problem Sheets 3-5 each week approx. 4-5 hours