Jesus College offers a generous variety of scholarships and prizes, to help students with their studies and award them for academic excellence. The College also has one of the most generous access bursary schemes in Oxford, which is provided to those students needing financial support.

Available awards differ in availability between level of study and subjects read. Please browse below or use the menus to see which awards are available to you. Note that some awards are only applicable to certain subjects, whereas others are relevant to all students.  

See also the page covering Cultural, Sporting and Travel funds.

J T Christie Prize

The J T Christie Memorial Fund was set up using money provided by Catherine Lucie Christie to commemorate the life of her husband John Traill Christie who was Principal of the College from 1949 to 1967.

The Prize is awarded annually in Trinity Term on the recommendation of the Tutor in Classics. It is usually shared between several current undergraduates who have performed well in a particular aspect of their studies. 

The value of the Prize is determined by Governing Body and takes the form of books chosen by the prize-winner and approved by the Tutor in Classics.

James Wood Prize

The James Wood Prize Fund was set up using money provided by Mrs Sarah Raw to commemorate the life of her father, James Wood, laser physicist and former member of the College. 

The Prize is awarded annually in Trinity Term on the recommendation of the Tutors in Physics. It is given to a current student (graduate or undergraduate) in respect of a presentation made on a topic in Physics as part of the Communication Skills requirement for those reading Physics. 

Jesus College Association for the Arts Prize

Each year in Trinity Term the Governing Body awards a Jesus College Association for the Arts Prize to a current undergraduate or graduate of the College who meets the following two criteria: 

  • The student must display an outstanding ability in an art (such as music, drama, painting, sculpture or writing).
  • The student must be making satisfactory academic progress. 

The award is worth in the region of £150: it may be awarded to one individual or be shared between two people. 

Jesus College Postgraduate Humanities Scholarships

Three scholarships are available for entry in 2019 in the following programmes; DPhil Classics; MSt History; DPhil Modern Languages. The scholarships are worth £10,000 per year and are open to all regardless of fee status. There is no separate application process. Applicants should apply to the University of Oxford by the relevant January deadline under the standard procedures for graduate degrees.


Jesus College Writing-Up Allowance

From Michaelmas Term 2018, Jesus College Writing-Up Allowance is tenable to graduate students at Jesus College. Applications will be judged on their academic merit.

Who can apply?

All doctoral students entering their 4th year, if unfunded, may apply for up to £1,000 to help with the costs of completing their doctorate.

How do I apply?

Jesus Old Members’ Teach First Bursaries

Owing to the generosity of Jesus alumni who have donated to the Annual Fund, the College is able to offer bursaries to Jesus students who are accepted onto the Teach First Programme to help with the cost of training before you start teaching at the school assigned to you by Teach First.

Who is eligible?

Any Jesus undergraduate or graduate student who is accepted onto the Teach First programme and confirms their place will be eligible for a bursary.

How much are the Teach First Bursaries worth?

John Griffith Memorial Scholarship

The John Griffith Memorial Fund was set up in 1993 using money donated by Old Members of Jesus College in memory of John Griffith, former Fellow of the College. The John Griffith Memorial Fund may be applied to the support of a John Griffith Memorial Scholarship.

Who can apply?

The John Griffith Scholar shall normally be a graduate of, or an undergraduate member of, a University in Eastern Europe engaged in advanced study or research in Classics. 

How many scholarships are there? 

Marie Hall Maddison Prize

The Marie Hall Maddison Memorial Fund was set up using money provided by Mr R E Maddison, who had been a student at the College, in memory of his late wife.

The Prize is awarded annually in Trinity Term on the recommendation of the Tutors in Modern Languages. It is given to an undergraduate who has produced meritorious work either in Modern Languages or a course where Modern Languages form a substantial part. It is awarded in recognition of progress and diligence as well as achievement.

Marion Bradley Prize

The Marion Bradley Prize Fund was set up using a donation from Mr E M Bradley and Dr C J Bradley (former Fellow of the College) as a memorial to their mother Mrs Marion Bradley. The Prize is awarded annually for an essay on a topic in Physics. The term 'essay' includes an account of a piece of experimental work. Candidates are invited to choose any topic in Physics on which to write an essay of appropriate length (not exceeding 5,000 words). The title should be presented to one of the College's Physics tutors for approval prior to submission. 

Who can enter?