Black History Month 2020 Programme

Online and Oxford throughout October

We are delighted to announce our programme of online events for Black History Month 2020, which runs throughout October.  Black History Month is an annual celebration of the history, achievements and contribution of black people in the UK.  Equality and diversity are at the heart of our ethos and academic mission, and Black History Month is an important highlight of the Jesus College year.

What Really Matters 5 - An Extinction Crisis?


Extinction is a fact of life - probably the fact of life: 99% of species that have ever lived are now extinct. At many points in Earth’s history, extinctions have been a rare but constant trickle, but from time to time the world has been hit with cataclysmic events, such as meteor impacts or a string of volcanic eruptions, that can lead to mass extinctions. It was a mass extinction event that famously wiped out the dinosaurs.

One Hundred Years of PPE: a discussion


To mark one hundred years since the University of Oxford began offering Philosophy, Politics and Economics as a degree subject,  our distinguished panel will consider the evolution of the degree over the course of its history, examine how well the individual subjects sit alongside each other, and discuss how today's PPE graduates can contribute to the society of the future. 

What Really Matters 4 - Are we alone in the universe?


‘Are we alone in the universe?’ It is the perennial question that has challenged scientists for decades and inspired a plethora of science fiction writers and filmmakers.  In our latest online What Really Matters discussion we'll explore the scientific advances being made in our search to answer this question and touch on the philosophical implications of such a detection on contextualizing our place in the Cosmos.

Geography at Oxford: BAME perspectives in the field


Our Vice Principal Patricia Daley, Professor of the Human Geography of Africa at the School of Geography and the Environment, and 2nd year geography student Nathan Lawson, President of the Oxford Climate Society, are part of the panel for an upcoming interactive event for prospective geography students in Years 11 to 13 from BAME/BIPOC backgrounds. 

What Really Matters 3 - The SHAPE of things to come

12.30 - 14.00

In the third discussion of our series What really matters, we focus on a new initiative that aims to promote and celebrate the social sciences, humanities and arts. SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts for People and the Economy) aims to emulate the influence and reputation held by STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – in secondary education and academic research.