Research by Professor Pam Sammons, Senior Research Fellow in Education at Jesus College and Professor of Education at Oxford University, has demonstrated that attending a high-quality pre-school can have a long-lasting impact on education, with children continuing to outperform their peers in maths, science and English tests up to ten years later. The findings are the latest to come from the Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE 3-14) project, which, funded by the Department for Education, is tracking 3,000 pupils through their school lives.

Speaking in the TES magazine, Professor Sammons noted that such findings were important because pre-school provision can be more easily controlled by society than a child's home life or upbringing. "At 14, there is still a benefit that has lasted," she said. "Children may have only had 18 months at pre-school, but we still find that the effect has lasted after many years."

For full details, please see the article Pre-school's 'protection' lasts into teen years on the TES magazine's website.