Media Panel on Oxbridge and Wales: a missing link?

Ship Street Centre Lecture Theatre, Jesus College Oxford

A panel of experts and distinguished Welsh figures in the field of journalism, higher education and public affairs will tackle the story of Wales and Oxbridge. They offer their unique perspectives on the historical links between Oxbridge and Wales, why there seems to be an admissions crisis from the country, and why Welsh students should study at Oxbridge. Please join us for lively discussion and debate!

Thomas Phillips and Jocelyn Keene Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship in Science of Climate

Closing date
The salary is on points 29-31 of the national pay spine, starting with point 29 (currently £32,236 p.a.).

Jesus College Oxford, invites applications for a stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in the Science of Climate, tenable for three years from 1 October 2019.

Short Term Visiting Fellowships 2019-20

Closing date

Jesus College welcomes applications for Short Term Visiting Fellowships, tenable for a minimum period of 3 weeks and a maximum period of one Oxford term.  These Fellowships are non-stipendiary. We also welcome applications from non-academics with exceptional levels of achievement in the arts, politics and public life. These positions are also suited to faculty members on sabbatical leave from their permanent positions.