BSc (TU Dortmund), MASt (Cantab), MSc (Münster)
Lecturer in Mathematics

Academic Background

Matthias obtained his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from TU Dortmund and went on to pursue postgraduate studies at Cambridge and Münster, where he graduated with a Master Thesis on Convergence results for the Ricci Flow, supervised by Prof. Burkhard Wilking.

Since then he is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford under supervision by Prof. Andrew Dancer. 

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Pure Mathematics

Research Interests

Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis:

  • Ricci Flow, (Lagrangian) Mean Curvature Flow and their Solitons
  • Poincaré Inequalities on Riemann surfaces

Preprints and publications

Cohomogeneity one Ricci solitons from Hopf Fibrations

Complete Ricci solitons via estimates on the soliton potential


Subject notes for courses taught at Jesus College:

See also Mathematical Institute website and Mr Wink's profile on the department website.