BA, MPhil
Lecturer in Ancient History

Academic Background

I read Classics at Somerville College, completed my MPhil in Ancient Greek History at the same college, then moved to Lincoln College for my DPhil. Over the past few years, I have taught courses on Greek history, religion, and sexuality and gender in the ancient world at Oxford. Currently I am Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History at Oriel and Jesus College.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Greek history
  • Hellenistic history
  • Religions of the Greek and Roman world
  • Sexuality and Gender in the ancient world

Research Interests

My DPhil thesis was on religious life on classical and Hellenistic Rhodes; I am interested in the relationship between religious and social history in the ancient world. I also do a lot of work on epigraphy, particularly of the Hellenistic period.


Subject notes for courses taught at Jesus College:

See also Faculty of History website.