BSc (Ebor), PhD (Imperial College), DIC (Diploma of Imperial College)
Professor of Zoology

Academic Background

BSc Biology, York, 1987-1990
PhD Biology, Imperial College London, 1991-1994
Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology, 1994-2000
Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, 2000-2003
Lecturer, University of Cambridge, 2003-2004
Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor, Imperial College London, 2004-2012

Undergraduate Teaching

Ecology and Evolution.

Postgraduate Teaching

Quantitative Biology.

Research Interests

Linking ecological and evolutionary dynamics in theory, in the lab and in the field. I develop theory and test it using data from laboratory systems (bulb mites) and field systems (mainly mammals). Field systems include red deer in Scotland, and wolves in Yellowstone National Park.


See Professor Coulson's personal webpage at the Department of Zoology and the SLAPPED (Studies in Longitudinal Analysis of Population Persistence and Evolutionary Demography) website.