Who can apply?

The Viscount Sankey Fund is available to current and former students of Jesus College who intend to be, or have been, called to the Bar and who, at the time the award is made, are under 27 years of age. Applications can be made to assist with the GDL year (for non-Law graduates), the BPTC year, or the pupillage year.

How do I apply?

Application is by way of an application form (see link below) and an interview. (If the number of applicants is high, the Sankey Committee may draw up a shortlist, and only those shortlisted will be invited for interview.) The fund is normally advertised at the start of Trinity Term, and interviews are normally held shortly after the end of Trinity Term. The Sankey Committee is sometimes able to consider individual cases at other times, if there is compelling reason to do so. Please return your application form to Dr Miles Jackson, Associate Professor of Law, Dean and Fellow of Jesus College by email to miles.jackson@jesus.ox.ac.uk


What goes on the application form?

The form is primarily concerned with financial information. The Sankey Committee expects applicants to be seeking funding from other sources to help with their professional qualification, and in particular advises applicants to seek funding from their (proposed) Inn of Court, since all Inns run major scholarship schemes.

What happens at the interview?

Interviews perform two functions. The allow the Committee Members to gain further insight into the candidate’s financial position, and to discuss the candidate’s ambitions and interests in legal practice. Interviews typically last around 15 minutes.

How much might I get?

It is not necessarily the case that everyone who applies will succeed. For those who do, awards vary depending on a number of factors, including i) the available funds in a given year, ii) the number and quality of the applicants, and iii) the need of the individual applicant. Awards of up to £7,000 have been made in the past, though £2,500 to £3,500 is more typical.

I applied to the fund before - can I apply again?

Yes, so long as you continue to meet the criteria. The Sankey Committee will take into account any previous award that you have received when considering your application.

What if I change my mind about becoming a barrister after receiving an award?

Awards are made on condition that the recipient is called to the Bar. If you are not called, the award becomes repayable to College.

The application form can be downloaded from the link below.