As well as allowing for Annual Course fees, prospective students must budget for living expenses while at Oxford. These vary according to individual needs and tastes.

The living costs for a graduate student at Oxford living in college accommodation or a share house in Oxford varies according to the length of the course. A breakdown of these costs can be found on the Graduate Living Costs page of the University’s web site.

Jesus College provides accommodation for the majority of its graduates. For further information, see the Accommodation section. Please be aware that private rented accommodation in Oxford is more expensive than in many other British cities, particularly for students with partners or families.

In addition to ordinary living expenses, students need to take account of the cost of food, clothing, other personal requirements, books, stationery, any special equipment, travel to and from Oxford, thesis preparation in appropriate cases, and any research expenses (e.g. fieldwork or travel).

Please see the Meals section for details of the prices currently charged for food in the College Hall and the Hall Charge which is made to contribute to overheads for meal service in Hall. 

It must also be borne in mind that all costs are liable to rise in line with inflation. Students from other countries should also allow, as regards their whole budget, for the possibility of fluctuations in exchange rates.