Fee Status

The level of fees charged depends on the course a student is taking, and for University fees only, whether the student is: 

  • from the British Isles and the rest of the EEA - "home and EU" students, or
  • from outside the European Union - "overseas students".

If you are unsure of your fee status, you can read about the Classification of Students for Fees Purposes on the University web site. 

Length of Fee Liability

University and college fees are fixed for each year, and are subject to variation between one year and the next. Students are liable to pay tuition fees to the University and to their college for each term of any course (whether taught or research) they undertake. These fees are due either until the course has been completed, or for a prescribed maximum number of terms. There will be fee liability whether or not they are working in Oxford for that term. Although liability is incurred on a termly basis, students may be required to pay a full year's fees in advance.

Information on the length of fee liability for the various types of course can also be found on the Fee Status and Liability page of the University's on-line Graduate Studies Prospectus.

University Fees

Information on the latest University fees for graduate students is available on the Fees and Funding page of the University web site.

There are statutory residence requirements for each degree, though dispensation may be granted in certain circumstances. Statutory residence is the time kept after matriculation as a member of a College paying College and University fees and following a course leading to a degree of the University.

Full details of the residence and fee requirements for all courses are given in the University of Oxford Examination Regulations, a copy of which is given to each new member of the College on arrival in Oxford.

College Fees 

Each college charges graduate students a fee that is separate from, and in addition to, University composition fees. College fees vary slightly from college to college, and according to the course and length of study, but do not distinguish between home, EU, and overseas students. In 2017-18 Jesus College fees for full-time graduate students are as follows:

  • Diplomas in Theology and Legal Studies, Special Diplomas in Social Studies, Overseas 2nd BAs, Visiting Students: £7,350
  • All other Diplomas and Special Diplomas, all Certificates, 2nd BMs, BCL, MJuris, MSt, BPhil, MPhil, MSc, MLitt, and DPhil: £3,021
  • Part-time courses run by the Department for Continuing Education: £1,511
  • MBA: £3,150
  • EMBA: £1,511

Please note that College fees for those PGCE and 2nd BM (clinical medicine) students, who are in principle eligible for public support, are paid by the Government.

The College levies a continuation charge for graduates whose fee liability has ceased, but who continue as a registered student at the College (in addition to the University's continuation charge of £455 per term). Jesus College Middle Common Room subscriptions (£27.65 per term for 2018-19) are also payable by graduates who have not yet completed their studies but are no longer liable to pay fees.