Below are some useful tips to help with your move to Oxford:

  • Remember to open a pounds sterling bank account early - before the start of term if possible. The Admissions Officer can provide you with a letter confirming your student status.
  • Bring a few smart clothes for various dinners and functions throughout the year. Dinners organised by the College will require smart dress such as suits for men.
  • Check the University's Dates of Term but please note that you will need to arrive by 5 pm on the Thursday before the start of term in Hilary (spring) and Trinity (summer) terms. For the Michaelmas (autumn) term, the arrival dates for new students are a few days earlier still - we will let you know the date for your year in your welcome pack, or email the Admissions Officer if you want to know sooner so that you can book the right flights. For graduates, many want to stay for a week after the end of term to go to the popular termly Graduate Dinner in Hall, organised by the Graduate Common Room Committee.

Please note, as we are on a small historic site, there is very little storage in College for possessions during the vacations. 

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