In gowns in Hall

If you're wondering what academic life at Jesus College is like, take a tour around the Learn at Jesus pages for information on undergraduate and postgraduate study. There's a special section for prospective international students, who are also an important part of our community.

You can also find out more in the Jesus College Prospectus 2020/2021.

Our firm commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the high quality of our tutorial teaching, the consistently strong performance of our undergraduates in their University exams, and the first-class academic facilities we provide.

“At Jesus College, no two days are ever the same. One day I may be debating with scholars in Jesus’ law library; the next I will be playing for promotion in the college’s football team. We are a small but dynamic community.”  Kush Patel, Undergraduate, Law

Our ninety-plus academic staff are experts recruited both from the UK and internationally, and teach a wide range of the courses offered at Oxford in the humanities, sciences and social sciences.You can find out more about our academic staff, their backgrounds, the areas in which they teach and their research interests here.

We believe in equality, inclusivity, diversity and opportunity for all. We welcome applications from students from all backgrounds. If you're from a BAME background and thinking about applying to Oxford, watch this inspiring video from College alumna Clare Williams, who explains why you should.