Jesus College provides some of the very best student accommodation in Oxford. We can offer it to you for all of your time as an undergraduate, whether your course lasts three years or four.

See the Accommodation Leases and Costs section for details of costs and lease arrangements.

Under the Housing Act 2004, all higher education institutions are required to comply with one of several approved codes of practice which set out basic standards for student accommodation. Jesus College subscribes to The Student Accommodation Code. For more information on these codes and how they benefit you, please see The Student Accommodation Code website or our own Accommodation Code of Practice page.

Accommodation Allocation Policy

Undergraduates will be accommodated in college-owned accommodation for the whole of their course, if they wish. First year undergraduates are allocated rooms on the central site or in the Ship Street Centre. In subsequent years, undergraduates may apply by ballot for accommodation in 3-person or 4-person flats at the Annexe sites.

Students who are not resident in college accommodation must comply with the University's Regulations for Residence.


First year undergraduates will be allocated rooms on the central College site and in Ship Street.

Most other Jesus undergraduates live in high-quality purpose-built blocks of flats at our Annexe sites (shared flats for 3-4 people and couples accommodation)

The College may rent additional properties, either privately or from other colleges.

Further Information

See Accommodation Leases and Costs.