The current lease arrangements and costs for College rooms for undergraduate and graduate students are set out below. Rooms are allocated according to the Undergraduate and Graduate Accommodation Allocation Policies.

Rooms on the central College site, including Ship Street (Houses and Centre)

Rent for the 2020/21 academic year for the College site is £24.66 per night, fully inclusive of all utilities, etc. and cleaning. For the Ship Street houses it is £24.30 per night. 

There are a few small rooms, ranging from 7m² to 10.99m², in the Ship Street houses which are charged at £20.89 per night.

Room agreements run from the Monday before the start of each of the three full terms to the Saturday of the 8th week (last day) of each term. Rent is payable for the whole of each of these three periods of eight weeks and five days.

Graduates may usually retain the use of their rooms during the Christmas and Easter vacations on notifying the Accommodation office that they wish to do so.

Rent is payable for each extra day the room is retained.

Accommodation during the summer vacation is available, charged on the same basis, but, as maintenance work is undertaken during the summer vacation, this may not necessarily be in the same room or location. The College endeavours not to disturb students if at all possible.

Flats for three or four people at the Annexe sites

Rent for the 2020/21 academic year is £133.98 per person per week, including water rates. Other utility bills are in addition.

As all of the occupants are in full time education there is no Council Tax to pay.

If necessary, graduates will be offered alternative accommodation for periods not covered by their leases.

Flats for couples at the East Oxford site

Rent for the 2020/21 academic year is £238.56 per week, including water rates. Other utility bills are in addition.

Liability for Council Tax is dependent on the status of the occupants, but, if it is due, it is their responsibility.

The standard flat lease for graduates run from the Monday of week 0, before the start of Michaelmas term to Sunday of week 10 of Trinity term (approximately 40 weeks). Flexible leases, with start and/or end dates outside of these periods, are possible subject to availability and the agreement of the Accommodation Services Manager.