About the Course

Amongst the Oxford Colleges, Jesus has a particularly strong reputation in Chemistry, with our students achieving well above the average at both College and University level. Each year, the College seeks to admit 8-10 undergraduates to read Chemistry, making it one of the larger subject families at Jesus.

The College has three Tutorial Fellows in Chemistry, who are responsible for teaching in Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. The Tutorial Fellows also hold University appointments, and carry out research in the Department of Chemistry. Undergraduates admitted to read Chemistry at Jesus receive most of their individual College tuition from these tutors.

In addition to the Fellows and undergraduates, the College also features a sizeable population of graduate chemists, who are engaged in DPhil research in the Chemistry department. Together, our chemists are exposed to a breadth of experiences, for example through research seminars and subject social events throughout the year, in addition to regular tutorials.

In short, the study of Chemistry at Jesus College represents a fulfilling and exciting degree course, and provides an unparalleled range of opportunities to explore the subject, including dedicated expert tuition in all three of its branches. The tutors aim to provide an enjoyable but challenging environment to maximise the potential of our students, and above all to enthuse the Jesus chemistry community with their passion for the subject

Subject notes

To see the latest subject notes for Chemistry - which contain information about our tutorial fellows, the admissions process and the course itself - please consult the below link.