About the Course

The teaching provision at Jesus College is generous in relation to the number of Mathematics students. The college has tutors in all the main branches of Mathematics, who are committed to mathematical research as well as to teaching, and who together cover a wide range of subjects.

The Oxford Mathematics courses have for many years included options in Statistics. In response to strong demand for statistical knowledge, there is now a joint degree course in the two disciplines. Statistics is a subject that studies numbers which are in some sense descriptive. As an academic study, it concerns the underlying, largely mathematical, theory relating the characteristics of a population to the statistics drawn from a sample of its members. Statistics, like Mathematics, is an intellectual discipline in its own right, and also an essential tool in many other fields of study.

The course has essentially the same structure as the Mathematics course (see the Mathematics subject notes for details), but makes available more statistically related topics. The ‘Studying Mathematics at Oxford’ brochure contains information about the course content and can be found here.

For the first four terms the two courses are identical, up to and including the compulsory core of the second year of the Mathematics course. Mathematics and Statistics students follow core second-year courses in probability and statistics, and the remainder of the second year allows for some choice of topics in preparation for the greater selectivity of the third and fourth years. All third and fourth year topics available in the Mathematics course are also available to Mathematics and Statistics students, and the fourth year, which provides an opportunity for more in-depth study, includes a substantial statistics project. You can wait until your third year before deciding whether to complete a BA that year or proceed to the MMath in a fourth year.

Subject notes

To see the latest subject notes for Mathematics and Statistics - which contain information about our tutorial fellows, the admissions process and the course itself - please consult the below link.