About the Course

The study of Modern Languages provides both practical linguistic training in the written and spoken language and an extensive introduction to many areas of European literature and thought. You will develop oral proficiency in the language(s) you study by regular contact with native speakers employed by the University and by colleges. You can also study various kinds of linguistics, film studies and advanced translation (in French and German).

Oxford's Modern Languages Faculty is one of the largest in the country, with a total intake of 310 students a year (including joint degrees). We enjoy the advantages of a central building - the Taylor Institution - as the focus for our work. This building houses the Taylor Institution Library, which is the biggest research library in Britain devoted to modern languages, and also an undergraduate lending library for modern languages. The University's modern and excellently equipped Language Centre received special praise in the last Teaching Quality Assessment. It has a library of taped, self-instructional courses in all major European languages and a large collection of reference works, listening comprehension and video materials, some of which are specifically tailored to the needs of Modern Languages students. It is also equipped with satellite TV and computer-assisted language learning facilities.

Jesus College accepts students for all the languages taught at Oxford, and has Fellows in French and German, Lecturers in Italian, Russian and Spanish, and Lectors in French and German. We also accept students for all the Joint Honour Schools, combining one language with Classics, English, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, or a Middle Eastern language. Each subject is studied to the same level, i.e. there are no subsidiary subjects. The focus of the Modern Languages course is on language, literature and (optionally) linguistics.

Subject notes

To see the latest subject notes for Modern Languages - which contain information about our tutorial fellows, the admissions process and the course itself - please consult the below link.