About the Course

The Modern Language element of the Modern Languages and Linguistics course will be like one half of the main Modern Languages course, i.e. students of a particular language follow the same programme, regardless of the combination of languages or other subjects taken. Please note that Czech, Polish, and Beginners' Russian are not available in combination with Linguistics. You will receive both practical linguistic training and an extensive introduction to the literature and thought of the European language you choose. The other half of the course allows you to focus on language itself.

You will be introduced to the analysis of the nature and structure of human language in all its aspects, which is linguistics. Oxford offers facilities for the linguistic and philological study of European languages that are unmatched anywhere else in Britain. The University has particular expertise in general linguistics, phonetics, syntax and semantics, and in the history and structure of many individual European languages and families of related languages.

Modern Languages and Linguistics is a 4-year course involving a year abroad. Many students spend the year abroad as a paid language assistant in a foreign school, though you may do work abroad or study at a foreign university. If you need further information, you can consult with the college of your choice. We encourage you to spend as much as possible of your vacations in the countries whose languages you are studying. Financial support, including travelling scholarships, may be available from your college and/or the Faculty.

Modern Languages and Linguistics is a Joint Schools course combining study of one European Language with Linguistics. Modern Languages can be studied as a Single Honours course (one or two European languages), or as a Joint Schools course with Classics, English, History, Philosophy or a Middle Eastern language. Linguistics may be studied with either Philosophy or Psychology.

Subject notes

To see the latest subject notes for Modern Languages and Linguistics - which contain information about our tutorial fellows, the admissions process and the course itself - please consult the below link.