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Offer holders

Welcome to the information page for Jesus College undergraduate offer holders.

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions. If you require more information, please get in touch with our Admissions Officer

Please ask your school to send a scanned certified copy of your certificates to the Admissions Officer by 1 March. A certified copy means someone at your school should make a copy of the original certificate and then sign and date the copy and confirm ‘this is a true copy of the original’.

If your offer asks you to provide evidence of English language proficiency, please consult the University’s website for details. You will need to send a copy of your English language test certificate or confirmation of how you satisfy the English language requirements by email to the Admissions Officer.

From our point of view dropping a subject that is not essential to your offer would be fine as you can still meet the conditions of your offer with the other subjects. We advise candidates not to spread themselves too thinly across too many subjects, where they may risk dropping a grade or two in their results. We do ask that you let the Admissions Officer know if you do drop a subject so that we can keep your admissions record up to date. Before making a final decision, we recommend that you discuss it with your school and any other institutions with which you hold an offer so they can give their view.


You can find information on your University contract, the University Terms and Conditions, the University Handbook and a Course Information Sheet here.

Jesus College

The current Student Contract and College Undergraduate Handbook can be viewed using the links below. You will be sent a link to the 2022-23 versions in August.

College Student Contract

Jesus College Undergraduate Handbook

Food costs

Students can choose whether or not to eat in College: there is no obligation to do so. All students are issued with a College swipe card, and the cost of meals is charged to a student’s personal termly account on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Those living in the Ship Street Houses and in College flats on our annexe sites can self-cater. You can find details of meal costs here.

Accommodation costs

Information on the types of accommodation available for undergraduate students and accommodation costs can be viewed here.

View the Jesus College Bylaws here.

Details on how to accept your offer can be found on the on the UCAS website. If you have no options to accept your offer it is usually because you haven’t had a decision from all of your choices yet. Further information can be found here.

Applicants are advised to contact their application college during the admissions process to confirm their intention to apply for a two-year deferral due to national service commitments. Therefore, we expect to have received this information prior to any offer being made. If after receiving your offer, your situation changes and you need to defer your offer due to national service commitments, please contact the Admissions Officer to explain your situation.

The University of Oxford Language Centre offers an Online Pre-sessional English course. This six-week intensive programme provides students with the necessary academic writing and speaking skills to prepare them for studying in English at Oxford. For further information, click here.

If you encounter any problems that could affect your performance in examinations, or lead to your having special requirements when you arrive, please make sure you tell your teachers and your exam board. You should also send details of the mitigating circumstances, ideally with supporting documentation from your academic referee, or relevant medical evidence, to the Admissions Officer in advance of the examination results. Please note, we will not reconsider information that has already been considered by the Examination Board.

Our Admissions Officer will contact any offer-holders that do not achieve the grades stipulated in their offer conditions with further information.

Every year we admit a number of students who have individual requirements (for example, dyslexia or a physical disability or a mental health issue) or who have dietary requirements. We would like to help students with these requirements. If you declared a disability in your UCAS application, you will be contacted by the College’s Disability Coordinator Mr Sailesh Vyas. You will also be contacted by the University’s Disability Advisory Service.

If you have not yet declared a disability, you are strongly encouraged to contact Sailesh Vyas as soon as possible if you have any requirements in areas which you are concerned might affect your studies, your ability to take exams in the usual way, or your living arrangements. If you are unsure whether your condition can be classified as a disability, please feel free to contact Sailesh Vyas in confidence, he will be happy to discuss your situation with you.

Yes, there will be opportunities for you to visit the College before you arrive. We usually hold an offer-holders’ day in mid-February which is a chance to see the college and meet with the Principal, Academic Director and members of the Academic Office. It’s an informal event where we give advice to help you prepare for arriving in October and also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

You are also welcome to visit the College on any of our Open Days in the summer or visit for a self-guided tour of the College on a date that is convenient for you.

All students holding an offer to study for an undergraduate course at Oxford will be asked to submit a financial declaration to demonstrate how they plan to meet the expected fees and living costs associated with their chosen course at Oxford. This is an opportunity to plan your finances before commencing your studies. You will usually be sent the Financial Declaration Form to complete in March.

You should start to investigate your financial situation as soon as possible, to avoid delays and uncertainty. There is lots of useful information on the University’s website and the College website including government support, Oxford bursaries and scholarships and Jesus College bursaries.

When budgeting you should be aware that your first few weeks of term are likely to be more expensive as you prepare and settle into life at the University. You may find the information on managing your finances provided by the University helpful.

The level of fees charged depends on the course a student is taking, and the student’s fee status (either Home or Overseas from 2022/23). If you have any doubts about your fee status, you should first read the criteria used to assess students’ fee status which is provided by UKCISA. If you would like your fee status to be reassessed, you will need to complete a fee questionnaire and return it to the University’s Student Fees Team (details can be found here).

Invoices for course fees are usually sent to students in 0th/1st week of each term and are due for payment in 3rd week.

College charges (‘Battels’) which include accommodation and food are sent to students in 1st week of each term and are due for payment in 3rd week. Your first Battels will include accommodation for the term ahead, as well as any meals you have had up to that point. You will receive instructions about payment when you are billed. There are various ways to pay, including bank transfer and direct debit.

If you have any questions regarding payment of course fees or battels please get in touch with our Accounts Team who will be happy to help.

It is essential that you open a bank account in pounds sterling when you arrive in Oxford, or preferably before if possible, to allow you to manage your money and pay for goods and services. Many banks offer accounts designed specifically for students.

UK law requires banks to carry out identity verification and background checks on new customers opening bank accounts. As a result, it can take up to two weeks before a new bank account can be opened. It is likely that your bank will ask you to provide the following documents:

  • Your Enrolment Certificate signed, dated and stamped by the Academic Office. The Enrolment Certificate can be downloaded from Student Self-Service once your registration has been completed on your arrival
  • University Card
  • Photographic identification (passport/national ID card and visa/biometric residence permit etc.)
  • Evidence of your UK address. Banks will usually accept your College ‘battels’ bill (the bill for accommodation etc.)
  • Your offer letter from Jesus College
  • A bank statement from your home bank, from the past 3 months

The University’s Student Information Team produce an annual guide to opening a student bank account and the UKCISA website also offers a guide on opening a bank account.

It is your responsibility to investigate whether you need a visa to study in the UK and to make any application. If you need to apply for a Student Visa, please consult the University’s webpages in the first instance for information and guidance.

The University of Oxford is the sponsor for your Student visa, and issues your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which you need for a Student visa application. Once you have met all of your academic conditions (including English language requirements) and your financial conditions (returning your Financial Declaration Form), the Admissions Officer will contact you by email to prepare the details of your CAS. This usually happens in August but may happen earlier in the year if you have already met your conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the visa application process, please get in touch with the University’s Student Immigration Team.

After the A-Level and other exam results are received in mid-August, and once any conditions set have been met, we will send out a welcome pack (often referred to as a freshers pack) by email. This includes practical information to help prepare for your arrival in October including signing up for your accommodation, completing the University Card form, College student contract, registering with the doctors surgery etc.

In most subjects, there will be preliminary reading to be undertaken the summer before you arrive in Oxford. We will email this advice to you in the summer after places have been confirmed for all offer-holders in August.

We provide accommodation in College housing to all undergraduates at Jesus College for the duration of their course. Our accommodation is allocated by the Accommodation Team and instructions on how to sign up for your accommodation will be included in your welcome pack in August. Your room will be located on a College staircase (on the main site) or in the Ship Street Centre, which is just opposite the College.

If you have any individual needs which may impact upon the type of accommodation you require, please let us know so that we ready to support you appropriately from the very beginning of your course. Once accommodation has been allocated, it is difficult for us to make retrospective changes so it is very important that we hear from you as soon as possible.

The arrival day for new undergraduate students is usually the first Monday in October, but this will be confirmed when you receive your fresher pack in August. International students, students travelling a long distance in the UK, or for some students that require alternative arrangements, may arrive over the weekend instead but will need to notify the college in advance (details will be provided in the freshers pack).

They are all provided with a bed, bedhead, bedside cabinet/shelf, underbed storage drawers, wardrobe (may be fitted), drawers and/or shelf space, desk, desk chair, bookshelves and a desk lamp. Most have at least one other chair and a coffee table.

Important things to bring

  • Documents: Passport, ID, proof of student finance letter, bank details, national insurance card, rail card, insurance documents, prescriptions copies, etc.
  • A list of important numbers (in case you lose your phone)
  • Electronics: Phone, laptop, headphones, chargers USB sticks, adapter plug if coming from outside the UK etc.*
  • University supplies: a sturdy bag, stationery, water bottle, any equipment you may need for your course (e.g. calculator)

Other items you will need

  • At least two pairs of sheets, two pillowcases, towels, duvet and duvet cover. A Light blanket, mattress protector and pillow is provided in all rooms apart from those in staircase XVIII and Ship Street Centre. Students can buy a bedding pack if they don’t want/can’t bring bedding with them
  • Toiletries

Optional items

  • Kettle (provided it is fitted with an automatic cut-out) *
  • Iron* (an iron is provided in the students’ laundry but you are welcome to bring your own provided it is only used in the laundry)
  • Hairdryer*
  • Television* – If you bring a television or watch tv on your laptop you must obtain your own licence, as the College does not have a licence to cover TV sets ,etc. in individual student rooms.
  • Coat hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry basket
  • Hot water bottle

Things you should not bring with you

Please pack sensibly and as light as possible as there is limited storage in College and you will be moving out of your room for the vacation periods. Here are some of the things you should not bring with you:

  • A car – there is no parking available on the Jesus College central site where you will be based for your first year. Parking in the city centre is extremely limited and very expensive
  • Fridges or freezers – Communal or individual refrigerators are provided in College staircases and Ship Street houses. The rooms in the Ship Street centre have individual fridges. All of the College flats are provided with fridge/freezers
  • Electric or gas fires
  • Electric (or gas) cooking appliances including microwaves, steamers, grills, fryers, toasters, rice cookers, slow cookers, portable hobs, toasted sandwich makers etc. (this list is not exhaustive)
  • Printers – there is a printing room in college so you won’t need your own printer
  • Candles and incense – there are considered a fire hazard and are not permitted anywhere in College

* Please note, you must complete and return an Electrical Equipment Registration Form for all electrical equipment (this can be obtained here).

Detailed information regarding the domestic arrangements in College can be found in the College Undergraduate Handbook.

We strongly recommend that you insure your belongings. The College cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your belongings unless the loss or damage is caused by an omission or act of the College.

We discourage you from bringing your own bike to College in the first year but should you prefer to bring a bicycle, or purchase one in Oxford, it will be necessary for it to be registered. You will be advised soon after arrival on how to do this. Lockable bicycle sheds, accessed by the electronic card or fob, are provided at the main College site and both remote sites.