Thomas Phillips and Jocelyn Keene Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship in Science of Climate

Closing date
The salary is on points 29-31 of the national pay spine, starting with point 29 (currently £32,236 p.a.).

Jesus College Oxford, invites applications for a stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in the Science of Climate, tenable for three years from 1 October 2019.

Short Term Visiting Fellowships 2019-20

Closing date

Jesus College welcomes applications for Short Term Visiting Fellowships, tenable for a minimum period of 3 weeks and a maximum period of one Oxford term.  These Fellowships are non-stipendiary. We also welcome applications from non-academics with exceptional levels of achievement in the arts, politics and public life. These positions are also suited to faculty members on sabbatical leave from their permanent positions.