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Gift Recognition

Every gift to the College, including unrestricted donations, goes directly towards projects that have an immediate impact on current students and other members of the College.  We are immensely grateful for every donation received.

“It is a privilege to give a little back in return for having been given such a wonderful experience and opportunity. I hope all alumni will support, little or much.”

 Alan Lovell (Classics, 1972)


Donor Recognition

All donors who have given any amount to College and those who make gifts in kind are listed in the Donor ReportThanks to You. All donors who have given to College in the last 12 months are invited to attend an Annual Donor Reception.


Patron Recognition

The College also has a Patron Scheme, which specifically recognises those who have given cumulatively over the years at the following levels:

  • Queen Elizabeth Fellows (gifts of £500,000 and above)
    • Opportunity to hold a tailored lunch or dinner in the Principal’s Lodgings
    • Addition of the Fellow’s name to the Queen Elizabeth Fellows board in Hall
    • Upon reaching a total giving of £1,500,000 patrons are formally admitted to the prestigious Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors
  • Principal’s Circle of Benefactors (£100,000 to £499,999)
    • Invitation to hold a tailored lunch or dinner in College
    • Upon reaching a total giving of £250,000 grants our patrons an invitation to join and enjoy the benefits of Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Circle
  • Jenkins Patrons (£50,000 to £99,999)
    • Invitation to join the annual major donor trip with the Principal
  • Meyricke Patrons (£10,000 to £49,999)
    • Invitation to Benefactors’ Dinner (social restrictions permitting)
  • Mansell Patrons (£2,000 to £9,999)
    • Invitation to annual Donors’ Reception in London
    • Invitation to the Christmas Lodgings event
    • Listing in the Donor Report – Thanks to You

Each scheme is recognised independently, however, it might be helpful to note that Patrons (and above) are invited to attend exclusive donor events during the course of the year.


Funding Opportunities for Northgate

All donors who have given £2k or more during the 450th Anniversary Campaign, except those that wish to remain anonymous, will be recognised on a Donor Board in the new building on the Northgate site. The building project allows us to recognise exceptional gifts in number of ways, starting from funding individual student rooms at £15k. Please contact us for more information on donor recognition in the new site.


Please follow this link to view Northgate Floor Plans.