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Welcome to Jesus College Oxford

About Jesus College

A thriving academic community

Located in the historic heart of Oxford, just a few minutes’ walk from the University’s libraries, science campus and humanities buildings, and with shops and restaurants on the doorstep, Jesus College combines the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research with a vibrant, inclusive and supportive community.

Our 650 undergraduate and graduate students come from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and cultures. We aim to attract the brightest minds, and are committed to raising aspiration and improving social mobility through a programme of bursaries and outreach.

Our History

The Elizabethan college

The College was founded in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth 1, at the request of a Welsh lawyer and clergyman called Hugh Price, and our beautiful Dining Hall, Chapel, and Principal’s Lodgings are still used for their original purposes today. The historic Fellows’ Library houses our collection of early printed books, and our stunning quadrangles provide an oasis of green; bustling with life in the summer months. We embrace all the wonderful Oxford traditions, and also celebrate many unique to Jesus College itself, such as our annual St David’s Day celebrations to mark our Welsh origins.

Our Fellows and Lecturers

Exceptional teaching and research

Amongst our Fellows, Lecturers and Tutors are world-class academics focused on vital research to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century, from the environmental and societal impact of climate change to new therapies to target diseases such as cancer.

At Jesus College we encourage innovation, interdisciplinarity and intellectual exchange in both teaching and research, enabling all our students and scholars to immerse themselves in their subject, share knowledge and engage with the greatest minds.

Pictured: Dr Betina Ip, Hugh Price Fellow at Jesus College & Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow.

Our Principal

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Our Principal, Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt FRS FREng FCBS, is a world-leading researcher in computer science and artificial intelligence, and was one of the originators of the interdisciplinary field of web science. He is Chair and Co-founder of the Open Data Institute, which specialises in the exploitation of open data to support innovation, training and research in both the UK and internationally.

Our Vice Principal, Professor Katrin Kohl, is Fellow and Tutor in German at Jesus College, and Professor of German Literature at the University of Oxford.

Our Alumni

College members for life

We have a large community of Old Members, with over 6400 alumni spread across 84 countries and six continents who keep in touch. Everyone who studies at Jesus becomes a member of the College for life, and we run an exciting and immersive range of events throughout the year for all.

Amongst our Old Members are former heads of state, Nobel Prize winners, internationally renowned authors and groundbreaking scientists, including Harold Wilson, Norman Manley, Francesca Simon and T.E Lawrence.


Our Support Staff

An international community

The smooth running of the College is thanks in large part to our highly-skilled, welcoming and friendly support staff, who work across ten main departments. We have around 90 support staff at any one time, and they join the College from around the world. Building a sense of community is important to us, and we hold special events for staff throughout the year.

If you’re interested in joining our staff, visit the Vacancies page to find out more