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Welcome to Admissions. In this section, we provide lots of information about applying to study for an undergraduate degree at Jesus College.

Our lively undergraduate community makes up about two-thirds of the student body. We are committed to offering our undergraduates the best possible support for their studies, through excellent tutorial teaching, generous financial provision, high-quality accommodation and many other facilities.

Undergraduates celebrate the end of Finals in First Quad.


We welcome applications from anyone who thinks they can benefit from the opportunities we offer, and who can meet the necessary standards for admission. We make every effort to ensure that the admissions process is fair to applicants from every background and type of school.

Academic study is the focus of life in College and we do all we can to ensure that you fulfil your potential and enjoy your studies, whichever subject you choose. An important aspect of teaching in Oxford is the tutorial. In many subjects, a good proportion of a student’s tutorials are delivered by our College tutors, with tutors from other colleges and departments providing some specialised teaching.

Tutorial Fellow in Medicine, Professor Shankar Srinivas, in his lab at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford


Our expert College tutors take a keen interest in their students’ academic progress, and stay in regular contact with them. Each student will have one or more Jesus College tutors in their subject, responsible for directing their studies during their time at the University.

Typically, each week tutors will arrange to see their students in small groups or sometimes on a one-to-one basis, for an hour-long tutorial. The tutor frequently sets the students an essay to write, or a set of problems to solve, which then forms the basis for critical and detailed discussion in the tutorial.

Dr Melinda Letts is Tutor in Greek and Latin Languages


We put considerable emphasis on independent research in preparation for tutorials, and students are expected to make full use of the resources provided in the libraries, laboratories, and lectures. Tutorials require active participation from tutor and student, challenging both and taking account of students’ strengths and interests.

Teaching also takes place in small group seminars, lectures and, for scientists, in practicals in the departmental laboratories (which are within easy reach of College) and at field sites.

We are committed to ensuring that academic ability, and not financial means, is the reason for selecting our students, and can provide generous assistance to those students in need.